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03 April 2019Franz Schubert: the piano and the power of friendship
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04 September 2019The art of Rabindranath Tagore
02 October 2019The Bauhaus 1919 - 2019: a hundred years of modern design
06 November 2019Silk on the Silk Road
04 December 2019Norman Rockwell's Christmas Wish

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Franz Schubert: the piano and the power of friendship Dr Graham Griffiths Wednesday 03 April 2019

The great composer, Franz Schubert, surrounded himself with a brilliant circle of artists, poets and musicians. This presentation tells the fascinating story of how he rewarded his friends with gifts of his 'divine music'. Celebrated images of Schubert will be illustrated by Dr Griffiths at the piano via musical postcards which immortalise Schubert's devoted companions. To conclude, there will be a performance of Impromptus (1828); masterpieces of great lyrical beauty and power.