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01 April 2020Nomadic Textiles of Central Asia CANCELLED
04 March 2020Raphael - a god amongst painters
05 February 2020Gustav Klimt, imperial monarchist turned radical painter
04 December 2019Norman Rockwell's Christmas Wish
06 November 2019Silk on the Silk Road
02 October 2019The Bauhaus 1919 - 2019: a hundred years of modern design
04 September 2019The art of Rabindranath Tagore
03 July 2019Threads of History: the world of the Bayeux tapestry
05 June 2019Mr Barry's great work: Rebuilding the new Houses of Parliament
01 May 2019Faber and Faber: 90 years of excellence in cover design
03 April 2019Franz Schubert: the piano and the power of friendship
06 March 2019Pots and Frocks: the world of Grayson Perry, from Essex potter to national treasure
06 February 2019Leonardo, Ludovico and the Festa del Paradiso
05 December 2018‘That pretty German toy’, musings on the Christmas tree
07 November 2018The Other Side – Counter Memorials, Germany’s post WWII’s culture of apology and atonement
03 October 2018The Creative Courtesan, the art of high class prostitution in Renaissance Italy
05 September 2018Rimpa Art, literary inspiration for design
04 July 2018Die Brücke and Der Blaue Reiter (The Bridge and The Blue Rider) The vitality of German Expressionism
06 June 2018Edward Seago, landscape perfectionist and royal favourite
02 May 2018Modern Italian Gardens
04 April 2018Ai Weiwei: ‘Everything is art. Everything is politics.’
21 March 2018The Art of the Great Parisian Fine Jewellery Houses
07 February 2018Pearls and Pomegranates, Peacocks and Pipes, the hidden language of Renaissance art

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Nomadic Textiles of Central Asia CANCELLED Chris Alexander Wednesday 01 April 2020

The little-known textile cultures of the Kyrgyz, Turkoman and Karakalpak will be explored in this lecture. Houses made from wool that warm in the depths of winter, carpets that tell stories, woven bands that appease ancestors, embroideries that ward off evil and kilims that store kitchenware; everything was ready to be packed and carried on yak or camel at a moment's notice.